About Me

I am originally from Nebraska. I am happily married for over 20 years and have two adult children. I enjoy fishing and hiking and reading.  I am passionate about defending your rights.


What my clients say:

Ashley Trotter 2 weeks ago

Excellent would be an understatement to describe my experience with having Joseph Bowman as my attorney! After speaking with four other attorneys and actually retaining one of them… Whom all said that there was no way to get out of my bogus DWI charge. Understanding the very strict laws in North Carolina and the very high rate of DWI charges and Buncombe County alone, Each of the other attorneys didn’t even attempt to look into a defense for winning my case. At the near end of almost a year and a half battle I finally and luckily was introduced to Mr. Bowman. He quickly and professionally went through my case and from the very beginning was highly optimistic. Without the case even going to trial, mr. Bowman was able to have all of my charges dismissed and my record wiped clean as if this entire nightmare never happened!! I owe my life to Mr. Bowman as a DWI charge would have ruined my life as a single mom and having a full-time career which requires 90% of my time traveling. Had I not had Mr. Bowman representing me I would have lost my job and struggled severely without being able to drive my son to school and his other extracurricular activities. I cannot thank you enough Mr. Bowman! You are my superhero!
2 months ago
During high school, I aspired to become an attorney and found myself interning at the Pender County District Attorney’s office where Joe Bowman served as District Attorney. When all of the other legal offices in town turned me away, Mr. Bowman took the time to help me learn how the judicial system works and to understand the many factors that play into each case. He was kind and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Fast forward a few years–I hit a tumultuous patch that left me debilitated and shoulder deep in drug charges. I am eternally grateful that Mr. Bowman was the prosecutor of my case. He knew that I had potential beyond the addiction I was caught in and provided me with the best possible outcome. I was able to remain Felony free and was sent to a state-funded rehabilitation center (otherwise I could not have afforded one on my own). He gave me very strict guidelines to maintain my conditional discharge and that deal has saved my life. Not only have I been able to stay drug free (4 years!), thanks to him and the support of many others, I have discovered a new lease on life and fully embrace the opportunity he has given me. The rehab I was sent to is nestled in these mountains that I now call home. It’s very exciting to hear that he has also made the transition from the coast to the mountains and is practicing privately. I highly suggest him as an attorney because he will fight for what is just with compassion, empathy, and kindness. Not to mention he has the coolest mustache in town! I could never thank him enough for all he has done. He is truly a blessing for our justice system.
9 months ago
Joseph Bowman isn’t only a good lawyer he is a great attorney as well. 😉 His courtroom style and presence along with his knowledge and experience as an attorney made me know I was in the right hands early on. The law firm of David R. Payne, P.A. also made me comfortable knowing Joe would receive any important documents and/or communications needed for my case in the early stages… I was a victim to a crime and I was being brought up with charges to a felony. As a licensed professional, these charges would have ended my career and any chance of continuing in the field of work I have enjoyed for almost 25 years, not to mention prison time for up to 36 months. After meeting with Joe for the first time one on one for no more than 20 minutes and then meeting him at the courthouse for my first court appearance that week to claim my innocence, my case ended exactly how he explained it most likely would. Dismissed! He takes the time to explain the pros and cons of any and every decision I had to make. He really, truly cared for my best interest and didn’t hesitate to emphasize his feelings when necessary without telling me what to do. Joe is simply an amazing attorney whose hands you only hope you land in when you need legal help or advice. One of a kind!
10 months ago
Joseph Bowman is the real deal. Reminded me a lot of my father (trial attorney of 20 years). Helped me keep my scholarships which were in jeopardy for a nuisance charge. This took us spending all of 15 minutes together in person. Clean, smart professional.
a year ago
Joseph Bowman is an excellent lawyer and he is now part of this law firm. He has many years of experience and really knows his stuff. He does not seem to be phased or intimidated by aggressive opposing side lawyers either, he can hold his own ground and stay in a place of ethics – and his method in trial is very effective. Sometimes people think the only way to win is if you are a jerk lawyer… but Joseph brings a refreshing presence to the court room and is highly respected by his peers for it. I witnessed him in a trial and he fought for his clients in a way that has a lot of intelligence, attention to detail, heart and integrity. He is very personable and caring and has been really supportive in all that I have experienced with my case. I recommend him highly!!! Thank you for everything!! If you want an excellent lawyer hire Joe Bowman!!
a year ago
Joe Bowman handled my husband’s traffic ticket problems quickly and professionally. I will definitely call him first if I ever need legal help again.