Police hitting DWIs harder?

Yes.  There are extra police on duty on the roads and highways of Asheville on Friday and Saturday nights to deal with DWI.  And the DWI task force works both those nights.

“Please be assured that the Asheville Police Department does not receive any funding for the citations that we issue, nor do we utilize a quota system in regards to traffic citations,” said Christina Hallingse, spokeswoman for the department.

But it’s not your imagination that more cops are downtown on the weekends.

“The Asheville Police Department has an increased presence in the downtown area on Friday and Saturday nights in order to accommodate the increase in population,” Hallingse said. “The Asheville-Buncombe DWI Task Force also works on both of these nights.”

Driving while intoxicated citations have risen since the formation of the Asheville-Buncombe DWI Task Force, made possible by an October 2013 state grant to the APD and the Sheriff’s Office.

Hallingse said the DWI partnership started on May 1, 2014. Between then and Sept. 30, 2014, they issued 70 DWI citations. For the year running from Oct. 1, 2014-Sept. 15 of this year, the task force has issued 344 DWI citations.

So the monthly rate has gone up considerably, from 14 a month to nearly 30 a month.


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