cropped-10685523_1580817438807072_7694230962643054492_n.jpgMy name is Joseph Carroll Bowman.  I am a private attorney in Asheville, N.C. I primarily practice criminal law, and personal injury work for plaintiffs. I represent regular people who have had some bad luck, whether it’s trouble with the police, or being in a bad car crash. I work with David R. Payne in downtown Asheville and in Marshall in Madison County, as well as many of the surrounding counties. Call or test anytime at 828 393 3000

Legal advice for the day: Always be polite and respectful with every law enforcement officer you see. Courtesy costs nothing. COMPLY ON THE STREET, CONTEST IN COURT.

Buncombe County District Attorney

Client Testimonial: Ashley Trotter  June 6th, 2016. 
“Excellent would be an understatement to describe my experience with having Joseph Bowman as my attorney! After speaking with four other attorneys and actually retaining one of them… Whom all said that there was no way to get out of my bogus DWI charge. Understanding the very strict laws in North Carolina and the very high rate of DWI charges and Buncombe County alone, Each of the other attorneys didn’t even attempt to look into a defense for winning my case. At the near end of almost a year and a half battle I finally and luckily was introduced to Mr. Bowman. He quickly and professionally went through my case and from the very beginning was highly optimistic. Without the case even going to trial, mr. Bowman was able to have all of my charges dismissed and my record wiped clean as if this entire nightmare never happened!! I owe my life to Mr. Bowman as a DWI charge would have ruined my life as a single mom and having a full-time career which requires 90% of my time traveling. Had I not had Mr. Bowman representing me I would have lost my job and struggled severely without being able to drive my son to school and his other extracurricular activities. I cannot thank you enough Mr. Bowman! You are my superhero!”